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Compositions by Alice Ho

Photography by Bo Huang

Dark Waters (chamber orchestra with electronic tape intro)

10' 2016

Strange Luminescence (solo piano and chamber orchestra)

19' 2015

Cool Academia (wind band and percussion)

8' 2015

Ocean Child (soprano and orchestra)

17' 2014

Hakka Tea Bliss (solo male or female voice and orchestra)

9' 2014

Nirvana Sketches(solo male or female voice and orchestra)

11' 2013

Quest (for string orchestra)

10' 2012

Alice Ping Yee Ho's music samples on Soundcloud -

Orchestral Works

Sun Goddess(concerto for drumming percussion quartet and orchestra)

20' 2010

Sun Spell(for orchestra)

15' 2010

Melange(percussion quartet and string orchestra)

15' 2009

Dark Elements(full orchestra, 3 mvts: Lumina/Undina/Flamma)

20' 2009

Dance Concerto(for flute, percussion, and strings, optional Chinese dancer) audio link:

45' 2008

Mountain of Eight Spirits (for Chinese Orchestra)

11' 2006

Red Temple (full orchestra)

17' 2006

Dark Waters (woodwind quintet and strings)

7' 2006

Seraphim (for woodwind quartet, brass quartet, and strings)

13' 2005

Evolving Elements (concerto for solo marimba and strings)

20' 2005

Capriccio Ballo (concerto for violin, piano, and strings)

15' 2005

Double Concerto for Viola and String Bass

18' 2000

Concerto for Cello and Orchestra. Audio excerpt features cellist Wendy Law and the Hong Kong Sinfonietta

17' 2000

Mira (solo violin and string orchestra)

7' 1999

Elysian Fields(concerto for piano and orchestra)

16' 1998

Scintillare (full orchestra)

11' 1997

Pearl of Asia (soprano solo, chorus, orchestra)

30' 1997

Chimaera (full orchestra)

12' 1995

Radiantia (concerto for percussion and orchestra)

12' 1995

Ice Path (full orchestra)

10' 1994

Under the Quavering Moon(full orchestra)

12' 1993

On the Wing (for full orchestra, alternate version for flute, horn, piano/harp, strings)

6' 93-97

Jubilation of Spring (string orchestra and percussion)

6' 1991

Resurrected Angel (33 strings)

9' 1986

Escapade (full orchestra)

13' 1985

Inflorescence (brass quintet, strings, and percussion)

15' 1983

Kagura Fantasy (violin and cello)

15' 2018

Asiatic Impression (flute, cello, and elctronoic tape)

14' 2018

Golden Fish (soprano, flute, harp)

6' 2018

Tale of M'Whell (soprano, violin, bass clarinet, piano)

16' 2014

Baile de Mascaras (cello and guitar quartet)

13' 2014

Four Seasons Suite (erhu and piano/ soprano and piano/tenor and piano)

12' 2014

Moon's Lament (Chinese harp and Kungu vocalist)

14' 2014

Drunkard's Rhapsody (yangqin, percussion, two erhus, zhonghu, and cello)

8' 2013

Chamber Works

Si Yi - The Four Arts (solo violin, piano, Yangqin, and strings)

17' 2012

Extasis (violin and piano)

5'30" 2012

Breath of Fire (Bb clarinet, accordion, and cello)

16' 2012

Ballade for An Ancient Warrior (solo percussion, female voice, and mixed chamber ensemble)

20' 2011

Coeur a Coeur ( violin and piano/flute and piano)

12' 11- 14

Woman Runs With Wolves (solo percussion and electronics)

15' 2011

Solace (mandolin and guitar)

12' 2011

TorQ Machine (percussion quartet with optopnal electronic tape)

10' 2010

Tempered Moon (Erhu, Guzheng, and Pipa)

10' 2010

Wolves (for solo percussion and electronics)

20' 2010

Drunk Moon (Dizi, flute, Erhu, cello, Guzheng, and piano/ Bb clarinet, violin, cello, piano, erhu, and guzheng)

11' 08- 14

WAR! (for electronics, two pianos, percussion, and speaking voices)

8' 2008

Kami (for solo marimba and three percussion)

11' 2006

Angst II (for solo piano and large chamber ensemble)

13' 2006

Dark Waters (for woodwind quintet and string quintet)

7' 2005

Tempered Moon (Erhu, Guzheng, and Yangqin)

8' 2005

Evolving Elements (marimba and string quartet)

20' 2005

Bao Miao (flute, marimba, vibraphone, harp, and viola)

10' 2004

String Quartet No. 2

18' 2003

Cothurnus (flute, cello, piano)

12' 2003

Cothurnus (flute, bassoon, piano)

12' 2002

With These Tears... (solo viola)

7' 2001

Ming (solo percussion)

15' 1999

Coquette (saxophone quartet)

7' 1998

Seraphim (woodwind quartet, brass quartet, string quartet)

13' 1996

Seiren (alto flute/flute/piccolo, cello, piano)

13' 1996

MaViBa (marimba, violin, string bass)

7' 1995

Circlet (trumpet, violin, viola, cello, piano, percussion)

12' 1994

Capriole (horn and piano)

5' 1994

Caprice(4 versions available for unaccompanied solo violin/viola/violoncello/string bass)

5' 1994

Chain of Being (violin, cello, and piano)

10' 1994

Chain of Being (flute and two pianos)

10' 1999

Suite for Flute and Piano

10' 1992

Suite for Violin and Piano

10' 1992

Achavi (accordion, harp, and vibraphone)

7' 1992

Forest Rain (solo marimba and solo vibraphone)

11' 1991

Moodscapes (flute or violin and piano)

6' 1991

Impetus (viola and double bass)

12' 1984

Doubles (percussion quartet)

13' 1984

Variations (three recorders)

6' 1983

Wind Octet (2 fl., 1 ob., 2 cl., 1 hn., 2 bsn.)

13' 1982

String Quartet No. 1

29' 1981

From the Wind (flute/piccolo, harp, viola, cello, percussion)

12' 1980

Five Pieces for Flute and Cello

9' 1979

Solus (solo piano)

10' 2013

Qim (for solo harpsichord)

8' 2013

Heart to Heart (for two pianos)

10' 2012

Works for keyboard

Aeon(solo piano)

8' 2012

Heart to Heart (for two pianos)

12' 2011

Glistening Pianos (for two pianos)

15' 2009

Garage (solo piano)

8' 2005

Seed of Passion (solo piano)

13' 1997

Caprice (solo piano)

6' 1997

Cyclones (solo piano)

4' 1994

Musical Tableau (solo piano)

12' 89-94

An Eastern Apparition(for two pianos)

12' 1992

Fire of Imagination (solo piano)

13' 1991

Shade (solo piano)

4' 1989

Arc (solo piano)

4' 1985

Begin(SSA women a capella chorus)

7' 2018

Song of the Clouds(SATB chorus, erhu, pipa, piano)

7' 2018

The Depth of This Quiet (canata for SATB chorus, flute/picc./alto fl., violin, viola, cello, pipa, guzheng)

45' 2017

The Madness of Queen Charlotte(soprano, flute, viola, cello, and piano)

9' 2017

Lost Then Found ( soprano and piano)

3' 2016

Detester, Aimer ( mezzo soprano and piano)

4' 2015

The King's Flag ( baritone and piano)

3' 2016

Spring (2 versions: soprano and piano; mezzo soprano and piano)

5' 2015

Tale of Da Ji Prologue - The Capture(soprano, bass baritone, clainet/bass clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, percussion, paino, violin, viola, and cello)

5' 2014

Tale of M'Whell (soprano, violin, bass clarinet, and piano)

20' 2014

The Moon's Lament (voice and Chinese harp)

7' 2013

Chronicle for An Eccentric Heart (song cycle for soprano, Bb clarinet/bass clrainet, and piano)

12' 2013

Quiet Love and Moon Aria (for soprano, piano, and acoustic guitar)

10' 2013

Vocal Works
(including large ensemble and mini music drama)

Small Argument(soprano, flute, piano)

20' 2011

City Night(soprano, flute, and harp)

12' 2010

City Night(SSA women chorus)

10' 2010

Madcap's Diary(soprano, alto flute, harpsichord)

8' 2008

VIVA Songs(song cycle for children chorus and piano)

9' 2008

VIVA Songs(song cycle for soprano saxophone obligato, children chorus, and piano)

10' 2008

Lamia(for double chorus and piano)

11' 2008

Wolf Woman(drama for solo soprano voice)

30' 2006

City Night six urban Haiku for soprano and piano

12' 2003

Angst(unaccompanied solo soprano)

11' 2000

Chit Chat Cafe(soprano, mezzo soprano, piano)

4' 1999

Betrayal (tenor, baritone, piano)

4' 1999

Autumn(sop., mezzo sop., fl., viola, double bass, two perc.)

10' 1998

A Reminiscence(soprano and piano)

3' 1995

Thoughts On A Still Night (SATB chorus and piano. Mandarin text by Li Bai.)

3' 1986

Three Songs(soprano or mezzo soprano and piano. Revised 2008)

10' 1980

Three Songs(soprano or mezzo soprano, flute, violin, cello. Revised 2009)

10' 1980

The Monkiest King (in progress) - Children's opera commissioned by Canadian Children's Opera Company for their 50th Anniversary Celebration. Marjorie Chan, librettist. For children chorus, dizi/ethnic woodwinds, erhu/gaohu, pipa, guzheng, harp, percussion, and string quartet.

60' 2018

Your Daughter Fanny - one act music drama for female voice, violin, and piano, with electronic tape and optional video clips of World War 1. Commissioned through WW100 Living Memorial Commemoration Fund from Memorial University of Newfoundland, written especially for soprano Caroline Schiller and Duo Concertante (violinist Nancy Dahn and pianist Timothy Steeves). Libretto by CBC Canada Reads winner Lisa Moore based on war letters written by the Victorian Aid Detachment nurse Frances Cluett (Fanny) stationed in Europe during World War I.

45' 2017

Lesson of Da Ji - Opera in one act, two scenes. 2 sopranos, colatura soprano, tenor, 2 baritones, and Peking Opera artist. Baroque recoders, lute, harpsichord, violin, viola, viola da gamba, percussion, eru/gaohu, pipa/zhong ruan, guzheng. Marjorie Chan, librettist. Commissioned by Toronto Masque Theatre

60' 2013

Opera Works

The Imp of the Perverse - Opera in two acts based on the life of Edgar Allan Poe. Librettist Micheal O'brien. Commissioned by Tapestry New Opera Works

80' 00-02

Theatre Works

Spring Moon - piano and electronic tape music for a 60' play written by Diana Tso. Commissioned by Mixed Company Theatre, Toronto.


Red Snow - music scored for Erhu and one percussionist for a 90' play Red Snow. Written and produced by Diana Tso; directed by Beatriz Pizano. Jan. 14 to 28, Theatre Passe Muraille, 16 Ryerson Ave., Toronto.


Bridge of One Hair(multi medua theatre work: 60'). Jumblies Theatre in production with Toronto Harbourfront Centre. 2007 New World Stage International Performance. Two sopranos, baritone, children and adult chorus, narrator, two percussion, clarinet, guitar, mandolin, violin, cello. Director/text: Ruth Howard


Finding My Vancouver in 4 volumes (Edmond Chan:video images; Alice Ho: music)

48' 2018

Film Music and Music Video

My Haligonia Trip (Edmond Chan:video images; Alice Ho: music)

15' 2016

Garage(Drama/English/Canada)75' colour. Edmond Chan, writer, director. Top prize winner of the Calgary International Film Festival 2006


Electronic Works

Breath of Demon(tape/ music for dance)

13' 2012

Meiois(tape: recorded on CAT and Minimoog)

10' 1982

Venom of Love (Emily Cheung, chreographer), full length dramatic music for dance in 4 acts based on "Legend of the White and Green Snakes"; written for electronic tape, live soprano and percussion, 7 dancers, multi-media video and lighting design.

Commissioned by Toronto's Little Pear Garden Collectives.


70' 2014

Music for Dance

Poetry for the Green Snake (Emily Cheung, chreographer), for solo dancer, piano and electronic tape. Commissioned by Toronto's Little Pear Garden Collectives

11' 2012

Breath of Demons (Emily Cheung, choreographer), for two dancers and electronic tape. Link:

12' 2012

Caprice for the Bravo! Arts TV Channel. Edmond Chan, director; Martine Charron,choreographer .

5' 1997

War in Piece(Martine Charron, choreographer)

3' 1991


City Night pubished by Plangere Editions: The Toronto Songbook 2009

Three Songs from the Tang Dynasty Plangere Editions